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Building high-performing teams through scientifically-backed strategies

Your employees are crucial to your business.

They work hard and hit their goals, but work-life balance is tough to maintain. They need tailored strategies to amplify their performance and avoid burnout.

This is where I come in.

Professional development & wellness expert for companies & law firms

Hi, I'm Jennie

With a degree in Brain & Cognitive Science and certification in Integrative Nutrition, I have a deep understanding of the psychology and neuroscience behind what drives behaviors to create sustainable change.

Using a science-backed, research-driven approach, I help employees adopt well-being strategies to increase productivity and improve performance.

Through captivating presentations and 1:1 coaching, I share concrete skills to:
  • Optimize sleep 
  • Manage stress
  • Increase energy & motivation 
  • Build resilience
  • Enhance productivity & leadership skills

After 11 years of speaking at over 70 different companies and law firms, and coaching over 5000 individuals, I know what it takes to set individuals and companies up for success.


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“Jennie understands the differentiator a strong, well-run wellness program can make in the lives of employees, as well as helping companies retain and attract high level talent. She is a strong communicator and has a sense of humor that resonates with her clientele. I feel very comfortable recommending Jennie to any and all businesses that are smart enough to bring her in.“

Theresa Graninger, Regional Wellness Coordinator at LinkedIn



Get ready for an approachable, entertaining, and fun keynote speaker who uses research-driven, science-backed information to inspire each of your employees. Keynote talk and workshop topics include sleep, stress, productivity, mental wellness, and more.

Tailored keynotes to inspire your team and drive change

Private 1:1 coaching creates a space where your team members can share, digest and process any challenges they face while navigating their day-to-day tasks. They'll have the accountability to persevere and take action, even when life at the office gets busy.

Wellness coaching for peak performance 


Supporting Your Employees is Supporting Your Business

Equip your team with tools to feel fulfilled in their jobs & inspired to move forward with purpose.