Keynote Speeches & Workshops

Impactful talks designed to inspire your team & equip them with actionable steps for their success.

The traditional work day has evolved. The standard eight-hour work day has changed to an all-day sprint. When your employees are managing family life, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, or poor sleep, they can't perform their best.

High quality employees need a supportive environment. This is where I come in.

Drawing on my studies in neuroscience, behavioral psychology, and nutrition, I introduce easy-to-implement practices that will support & elevate your entire team.

A new approach to achieving results

The Jennie Malloy difference

My approach to speaking is to liven up your event and spark inspiration in the audience.

Put me on stage and I’ll grab the mic like a WWF announcer. I’ll get the crowd wide awake and primed to absorb all of the knowledge I’ll share. Along with hard-hitting facts and an engaging speech, I sprinkle pop culture references, jokes, and silly but relatable anecdotes in my talks.

With a break from the stale and monotonous, I deliver the important information your team needs in a fun and exciting way.

I’ve found that my keynote attendees retain more knowledge and walk away feeling energized and excited to implement what I’ve shared. This means a greater impact for your employees, and money very well spent from your corporate budget. 

When I’m speaking, I have a lot of fun. And your team will too. 

And do you know what? It works.

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Speaking Topics

Stress Management Techniques in a Fast-Paced Work Environment

Mastering Mindfulness: Being in the Moment for Improved Productivity and Happiness


Eating Well for Busy Professionals 

Energy Boost Workshop 

How to Lose Weight Without Dieting 

Boosting Immune Function 

The Psychology and Neuroscience of Eating


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Night Shift Wellness

Optimizing Sleep Quality When Your Time is Limited


Excelling at Executive Presence

Time Management Strategies to Optimize Productivity

Goal Setting for Sustainable Behavior Change

Your Brain and Behaviour Change: How to Create Healthy Habits

Motivation: How to Create Momentum Without Burning Out


A Practical Guide to Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance While Working From Home 

Unplugging: How to Unplug From Technology to Improve Productivity 

10 Simple Lifestyle Changes to Boost Mood and Energy 

Tools to Boost Motivation & Happiness at Work

Work-life balance

Supporting Mental Well-Being

EQ: Emotional Intelligence Toolkit

Resilience Strategies: Adaptability in an Ever-Changing Workplace

Beating Burnout: Tools to prevent burnout in a fast-paced work environment

Mental well-being

Engaging presentations designed to inspire change and drive action

Merging wellness and professional development, my goal is to inspire your team to make positive changes in their personal and professional lives. 

Created specifically for high-achieving individuals at law firms and dynamic companies, these sessions are designed to elevate mindsets, challenge perceptions, and inspire change in 60 minutes or less. 

Focusing on the science that drives behavior, I offer research-driven strategies and action steps that effectively bring sustainable change in self-care, productivity, and fulfillment. 

Notes about speaking engagements

Can be delivered in-person or online

Time efficient, averaging one hour in total, including an allocation for Q&A 

Tailored to fit your team or company's needs

Interactive and engaging

Include a recording that you can syndicate to your team

 “Jennie is a pleasure to work with! We've had her in for several lunch workshops and you can feel the energy that she creates by just being Jennie! Everybody walks out of her sessions a little better person than the one they walked in as. She engages the audience with her bubbly personality, but this girl really knows her stuff!”

— Karen Morse, Director of Employee Benefits at ING Financial Services

Specific Topic or Theme

How my keynotes and workshops work:

If your company needs a talk on a particular topic, I'll create a keynote or workshop tailored to the theme. Typical speaking topics include work-life balance, unplugging, leadership, and more. Browse more speaking and workshop topics here.  

General Talk

If your company requires a more general, open-ended approach, I'll curate a keynote comprising what I call my 'greatest hits.' In a single, engaging talk, I'll cover several important aspects of wellness, including sleep, stress, work-life balance, and productivity. 

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 “Jennie presented to my firm this week and she was a huge hit. Her presenting style is easy going, yet extremely knowledgeable. Her expertise is clear but not overwhelming or judgmental. Participants immediately took to her and were able to focus on her presentation (always a struggle for our multitaskers). Those able to join us for the presentation felt like they learned a lot but also felt motivated to get the changes in their own routines started. I received a number of emails thanking the HR team for offering such an interesting opportunity, but it is really Jennie who deserves the credit. We can't wait to have her back next quarter! I would highly recommend her to any individual or firm looking to rethink the way we talk to ourselves about health and wellness.”

— Meg Richwine Utley, Senior Human Resources Generalist at Labaton Sucharow LLP

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. I’ll gladly travel to your event location to meet with you and deliver the keynote speech in person. I regularly travel to offices and events both nationally and internationally. 

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Of course! If you’re holding a virtual summit or prefer an online format, keynotes & workshops can be delivered online, either via Zoom or any video conferencing platform of your choice.

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If you're inspired by the talk and want to deliver deeper levels of assistance to your team, I offer professional coaching packaged into weekly, monthly, or quarterly coaching sessions for employees at firms and companies. 

This is perfect for someone in your team who wants guidance and accountability when exploring concepts of improving sleep, decreasing and releasing stress, creating a better work-life balance, or increasing productivity but doesn't want to do it alone. Coaching sessions are neatly packaged into 20-minute sessions to optimize time. Book a call to discuss my coaching packages.  

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 I’m honored, and can’t wait to meet your team. Schedule a call with me and we’ll discuss your event in more detail.

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Once we’ve finalized dates and deliverables, I’ll send you an intro pack which includes marketing materials that you can use. This includes customizable email templates that can be sent to your company and more. As the event draws closer, I’ll check in with you to wrap up any final details. Finally, when the big day arrives, get ready for magic! 

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Empower your team with wellness strategies that ignite their passion and productivity.